The dam

Children of the insane and we’re at it again
Water’s short
the day is long but
they bottle it anyway,
let people pay for it
the poor can drink their own spit
no mercy in this trade,
the well paid and well-heeled don’t know how it feels to be thirsting for a drink, they all think the same that children of the insane deserve what they get,
but they won’t be getting wet unless they pay.

There’ll be wars for water
I’m sure,
however impure or full of minerals it may be, the sea will run dry and the rich bastards cry,
‘charge more, give less’
and we’ll be drowning in effluent because the toilets won’t flush as the affluent and the influential drown in a torrential flood of good, clean

You only get what you pay for, say what! and you’re done for,
I wonder who’ll be running the war.

© 2015, John Smallshaw.

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