It happens sometimes
that the night fades and
the light shines
through the keyhole
of your soul, but

On our Summer holiday
used to stay with
got there in a bus because
we never had a car and dad said,
he could only drive tanks and that
was back in the war on the opposite side
to the Africa corps,
but he didn’t tell us any more
than that.

And growing wasn’t always knowing the right way
any more than finding the school on a school day.

But looking back to break up is not my favourite cup
of chi and I think I know why,
but still don’t understand.

They tell me life’s grand and that’s what it will cost when you’re dead and your bones are tossed in the sea,
it don’t worry me none,
I ain’t planning to be gone for never is a long time away, a bit like the Summer holiday except that always came.

© 2016, John Smallshaw.