A raft in the Rockies

On the St Lawrence
going upriver today
there may be gold in them hills
that I see lay before me

I will do me some panning and
see what pans out,
panning is what my life’s
all been about

a nugget or two will do
no need to be needy or
any need to be greedy
just taking some time and
what I pan will be mine.

Waters are cold the higher
I get

I’m reflecting
on a man with a pan in his hand
a grizzled old face
a gold wedding band.

When I head back downstream
it’ll be
to champagne, caviar, real coffee with cream or
is that just an old prospectors pipe dream?

I see diamonds that flash off the noonday Sun
as if
running atop of the water
I’m rich,
but I wish it was gold.

It’s silent mostly
except for the water and birds
and the words I cuss out,
did I mention
that’s what panning is all about.

I scramble through the brambles that grow over my mind
and try to find a way out,

I guess panning is about that too,

© 2016, John Smallshaw.