Better off than some

What side’s your bread buttered on and does it really matter?
If it’s buttered at all then you can think yourself lucky.

We grew up on margarine, oilcloth for a tablecloth and
paraffin for the lamp we lit to keep the damp at bay.

What you’ve got today is Shangri La not Shanghai Lil
and still you want to moan.

I’ve grown accustomed to the making do
it’s what you need to try,
add it to the list of ‘fifty things to do before I die’

I’m happy that it’s Friday and my heart’s still going strong.
I’m glad that I’m still still around to baffle and confound
those experts with their expertise who predicted with
some certainty my lifestyle would attract disease
like a magnet attracts iron,
don’t I waffle on and on
and half the day already gone
I’m going too
still making do
making the most
of margarine
on toast.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.