Short circuit

at the junction where now becomes then
and then it was now and
then now again then,

functioning in a state of disarray
tomorrow it is but today was yesterday
when tomorrow was a day away,
It’s still now or it was
now it’s then.

I see the rings spinning
round where
space is not there
it’s here
on the ground,

each galaxy whirls as I flail and
still fail to recognise
blue skies?
I believe in them,
but then becomes now and then then again.

Where did I lose the capacity to
fit in with that which surrounds me?

barely recognised
and he dies,
the funeral a first class affair
buffet laid on
nobody there
when became now
and then never came
no one to blame,

no function and
we’re dropped off the list,
I wonder
do we ever exist?

© 2017, John Smallshaw.