A guide to fettered living

If it’s the ratings that you’re waiting for
you might as well go home
close the door
turn on the gas
and let the things that come to pass
I’m busy sitting on the fence
rent’s due
nothing new there,
the landlord has a bare faced cheek
expecting me to fork out every week
for a roof that leaks over my head.
you can shove them up your facebook arse
go home and put on the gas,
I’ve said that before
was that prior to or after the closing of the door?
I’m not sure anymore
just poor.
looking at the time?
do the minutes drag?
does the sight of someone else
make you want to gag?
as a major party
want to part you
from anything
that you are due or
what’s probably rightfully
I hear the closing of several doors
there’s a hint of gas in the air
smells of fish
must be North sea gas.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.