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Black poppies on black scree
but you look and you do not see.
This is like those in the crowd
those who blend in and
who do not stand proud.
I could disappear in here
and who would know?
No one tells you that
the magicians hat
is full of
rabbit shit,
do they? and
that doesn’t make up for the tricks
that they play
tricks that we pay for,
who’s there?
nobody answers
no one would dare,
but we know that it’s Warren.
when I think it’s the Spanish Inquisition
imposing their values,
I confess, freely and of my own volition,
that’s because it rhymes
I’d lie through my teeth
the wisdom ones.
Black Poppy,
it was a magazine
years ago
I used to read it and
do you know
I can’t remember why.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.