The vows

When you want to know when
it offends when you ask
can you hear me floating
I am sometime in somewhere
and where I don’t know
don’t want to be here
yet don’t want to go.
can you only hear me when you’re near me?
I can hear your breath hit the mirror
when I’m four thousand miles away.
Made up from these tiny things
tinsel and fairy wings
Christmas carols.
I can see it’s all joined but
I can’t find the seams
and if I stop looking?
do I miss what it means?
do dreams dream?
am I involved in revolving lives?
Then she drops me a line,
how are you doing?
okay I’m fine and
I can hear her
breathing there and the hair
she is brushing is the sound of
a rushing torrent.
I can hear her near sometime in
can you hear me floating?

© 2017, John Smallshaw.