That Punch and Judy thing

Does the writing do
the thing for you?
is it good for you?
what would you like to do?
is the writing alright with you?

I task myself with the quill
will myself to write
and in the shortness of
a Summer night
when the girls are pretty
and their clothes are light
it’s not so easy.

Burn me with your Indian ink
scar me with the thoughts
you think,
but let me write

Nostradamus is about us
in the wind of change.

dragon slayer
but only one day at a time,
does the writing do it for you?
do you burn in the flame
like I do?

Lash me to your alchemy
naked in a negligee
give me a pen and
whip me again
does the writing do it for you?

© 2017, John Smallshaw.