What think you?

Is it a done deal
do you feel happy
or hard done by?

Listen in
they’ve not got a choice
it’s an occupation
hostile forces at work
bringing a nation
to its knees.

and if you blink you’ll miss it?
the twinkling of the
starlight scope or
the hope you haven’t got a
cats chance in hell of
hoping for

the cell door is shut on you
the guards are on vacation
the nation
closes its tired old eyes
that’s another occupation.

You can take it for granted
that the system is slanted
in favour of those
who’ll lead you by the nose
to the slaughter.

Nothing is fair
not here and
most certainly
not over there,
but over
where the grass is
so green it’s
we’re prohibited entry
upon penalty
by those inhabitants
who inhabit it

and that’s shit.

The situation updates daily
as we blunder on blindly
almost gaily
until we find we
hard done by.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.