The resistance factors

Shocks to the nervous when the
system’s not impervious to pain.

Shouldn’t put your fingers in the sun
Mum said, it’ll burn,
and if we believed it would it was
because we believed our Mum.

The faster it expands the longer it becomes,
the farther back in time then surely?

I wonder if time has only one fixed point
and is that
where the mainspring broke?

does time only move in one direction
flowing into some universal connection?
tell that to my dreams.

the light from a dead star
is coming towards us or
moving away from us?

perception is the preserve
of intelligent men and
fortune tellers
cockle pickers and
funeral directors,

I am not one nor any
having many disguises,
I am undiscovered
on a chart
yet to be seen.

the Sun does burn
your fingers
but you have to be tall
enough to know that.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.