What lack of concern can there be?

how about,
totally disinterested?

I’ve seen as many have and will,
government ministers with their
snouts in the trough while they’re
feeding us swill

concern does not concern them,

and you think your votes will make one iota
change our status or the quota
that we get?

I believe as I do and that is
we’re through, done,
that shower of shit that sits down in the minster
thinking of ways to spend their expenses
take no account of us

and we still believe our votes count?

what it amounts to was you
ripping yourself off
thinking it was hunky dory,
the story never plays out
the way you want
it to.

The messiah complex
where every scar
intersects with the one
and before then
a clean slate?

I wait to see
what it is that
really concerns me,
guess so.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.