After the noon

That was easy
wasn’t it?
no stress
less mess
than usual.

Some days like today or
really any Tuesday can
be fun
finish work
a walk in the autumn sun
a trip to the park and as it
gets dark
amble on home
to a hot cup of cocoa.

I know as you do
that’s life almost a
walk through
some like to run through
I never do.

And when it’s like this
a slight kiss
from her ladyship
makes me trip the
quite fantastic.

to try as I might
I can’t stop
I must write.


addictions are and will always be
the ink of the pen and the words
within me
more than simply understandable
easily readable too.

I seldom do fancily worded verses
I write plainly and at times
painfully so.

That was easy
and definitely
time now
to go.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.