Stretched out

If there is any doubt about
the Big Bang theory
don’t voice it

I am weary of
the naysayers
the ones who
cannot see
where we
all started.

I don’t profess to understand it
or what was there before it
and does anything come
after it?
but I believe it

I only have one question and it
Is this,
If there was nothing and then there
was everything that there will ever be and the universe is still expanding,

what is it expanding into?

How can it be space where there is no space or is it making up space as it goes along?

Is it improvising?
is it sticking to a script?
is the universe going to
be ripped up to start again
with a bang?

as you can see
one question becomes
‘the Spanish Inquisition’
nobody expects that.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.