The Cartel

‘ Opium for the masses’
optimum exposure from the seat of social media.
It’s complicated
highly overrated
but we love it like a long lost child.

I know
We’re being filed away
as pot heads in some distant ‘
with Nixon as our neighbour.
shoot me now
with a Nikon

processing complete
your videos are ready,

don’t care?
don’t mind if I do?
who’s watching anyway?

Today’s Goliath was yesterday’s bean
ask Jack how he knew
ask jack how he grew,
all to do with targeted marketing

Plucked out to be slotted in?
win a prize

I tried to close my eyes
to the hypnotism of it
tried to block my mind
to the greatest ever
conjuring trick
but in reality,
which now airs twice weekly
live on Sky TV
I never stood ‘ a cat in hell’s ‘

Camera, action, ring the bells
count admirers and
Off we go again.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.