This rigmarole we play
this useless game of
find the Queen

what I have seen
needs looking at.

The carpetbaggers tag me
the killers body bag me
I’m never going to get free
fuck ’em all.

A nihilistic tendency
to chop the feet from under me,
if there’s a bigger picture
it’s one I cannot see.

And then I’m pissed on
wish I had some Benzedrine,
there are
things I never should have seen
but saw them anyway.

Here on social media
where schizophrenics
rule the roost,
I boost my profile views
pretending that I’m
one of them.

It gets me closer to
the person who I am
or it takes me far away
things I never should have seen.

You may fabricate or fornicate
make excuses why you are
so late
I arrive in time to see
the nihilistic tendency
and what does that
make me?

© 2017, John Smallshaw.