Welcome to my Wednesday

It’s hard to sleep
knowing that one day soon
you’ll be going for the long one,

I’m on the trackside waiting for the freight train ride with a pocketful of pennies and my thumb up like the bum that I am.

Mammy told me that as far as she could see I would get old,
mammy had the gift or curse of second sight,
she also had
eyes in the back of her head or so it seemed to me.

so here’s the plan,
make out like I really am a man and wing it
sing in church on Sunday
bring my pay check home

not much to go on but more than it was
which wasn’t a lot.

When your eyes are tired but your brain is not
and you’ve got time on your hands,
when the hands of the clock want to give you a slap
and the crap that you think when the inner eyes blink and that freight train rolls down on you,
do you hop on board?

I thought it was my ears but it’s the station bell ringing.

Mammy was right
I might get old
imagine me at ninety three
that’d be a sight for
tired eyes to see.

Sooner or later and
rather much later
uploading life data
into the cloud.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.