Two tiers on Tuesday

About as far away as I can be
from this sensing of security
and yet
I try to get an inch more from the mile.

I survive in troubled times.

I will or will not decide to see
what’s on the menu placed in
front of me,
knowing it’s a platform game
and what is offered is in fact the
as what it always has been.

and about as far as we can get from the London living wage is the national minimum wage,
a world of difference your majesty
for those who live in poverty.

Second rate employers employing nasty little schemes to rob their poorest workers of all their cherished dreams.
But those living high on the hog seldom give a thought to the dog scrabbling for scraps.

I could submit
pack work in and
sit in the Sun.
don’t think I will though
I’ll go
to work
just to
annoy the bastards.

© 2017, John Smallshaw.