Studio five point five

I cannot see the bigger picture that you show me,
I stopped listening to the story and the fairy tales
and don’t believe in the happy ever after
no laughter escapes these lips

I was dead a thousand years ago
but I didn’t know and went
on living as if I was still alive

and things that sparkled became dulled
and the more that I fought it the
more that it pulled me into the shadows of
a constant twilight
not day nor night not anything there that might
give me hope or the will

how many times will it kill me?

and all those lovely guys who died for
nothing ever lasts

if you want, but
we all have pasts
some black and white
some colour
some full of pain

but it’s not the reason why I train my eye
to see the purpose of the
you should know
before you go down the same road.

that’s it really
I see the jigsaw
saw the jigsaw
still doing the

© 2017, John Smallshaw.