A tourniquet for tomorrow

and then it’s not
I have coffee
when she looks at me
like that and
when her looks look like
knock me flat
there’s always that
to fall back upon.

The night has gone
because all nights do
and ghosts are laid to rest
as the daylight floods into my
eyes and circulates

they say that he who hesitates…,
but I won’t,

Motivation is the way to rise
and meet this brand new day
but I hesitate,
I said I won’t and then I do
the night has gone so why
so blue?

I have sailed on many ships
sunk into
so many lips and kissed and
missed the point

harbouring no grudges
she nudges me from
this reverie,
I dress and
make some Earl Grey tea
she prefers

© 2018, John Smallshaw.