It follows on and that’s a fact

joined up writing

Tuesday from Monday and that then from Sunday
and what may I ask has that got to do
with anything?
but you have an answer
you always do.

if I sleep it’s to keep the dreams safe from dying
lost to the world in a world full of people trying
to stretch out their days and long past their sell by,
why then
follow on?

Politics like Sticklebricks are catching.

Vote for the one and others follow on
Peter and John,
Matthew and Luke all read from the
new manifesto,
new seeds in the fields where our men grow,
growing to where it is men go.

I’m rambling again and need coffee to curtail
this pain, but I fear sleep is the only release.

you yawn and no one sees
he yawns and drowns out the world.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.