Happily ever after Wednesday are the Thursday things I like to do
such as waking up and taking up from where I left off
as sleep chanced upon me.

It’s good here and I can see a
chink of light where the day and night
fight for control.

And when it’s that time which it was but now it’s
this time and because time moves on that’s no longer
who can say differently?

The lifesaver that the Doctor gave me
kicks in
my eyes pin and my breathing eases.

Morning darling.

Three forty five which in the real world is
far too early to be alive but alive I am,
can I believe it?
I do because it’s true.

She murmurs something about the noise
I’m making and I try to make less.

In the happy hunting ground where
coffee beans can be found
I make a pot whilst percolating
on the waking state
the washing up will have to wait.

Then it’s time to go
become John again
leave the empty cup
of ‘joe’ for later,

© 2018, John Smallshaw.