Just made it

The best of plans rely on man’s
and that’s most assuredly

It would have been a crime
were I not on time
leaving early as I did.

Aware that time will not wait
to hesitate
is another crime.

Dreadlocks with flip flops
I’ve not seen that on the tube
one more suitcase by the door
a rucksack on the bald chaps

Different shades of eye shadow
shadow the eyes of the girls
ancient one who’s wearing pearls,
cultured I think.

Packed on most days
always the same
that’s why I play
watch and write game.

Two anoraks get on
the rucksack gets off
but I missed the seat
by a whisker.

Cyan blue
I look to see who
is wearing those shoes.

One more try for a seat
and one more fail
dead on my feet
almost there.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.