Taking notes for revision

Trying to keep an even keel in a storm on a spinning wheel and all I feel is sick.

It’s just a bad day and if ‘Old Nick’ has his way it’ll get worse.

Always time for a rhyming verse though
whatever or which way the winds blow and I’m glad to know it.

Trying now to remember how it used to be and those distant memories elude me
something will remind me when I least expect it to and turn me back to front
where the downside is the colour blue.

It’s not just me who
thinks like this or
worries so
memories as we know
come and go
the winds will blow
however calm we feel inside
however crazy sick the ride
I tried to keep an even keel.

Then I feel the point of the points
that prick me
it makes me sick
do we
ever learn?

© 2018, John Smallshaw.