Fighting inertia

perhaps the universe turns and it’s we who expand.

sand and crabs and slabs of Kendal Mint Cake
I ache for simpler times

but who can say their yesterday was better than
tomorrow is?

perhaps when time contracts to bring us back and
take us further away from the onslaught of today
we can relax.

We’ll still be sill with the universe to fill with
stars to remind us that we are just stardust
(but I never believed in that)

clued in to the minutes
imbued by the moments
torn by the hours that wrench our hearts

the galaxy farts out another star and
that’s how far we have come.

Not still but still and still climbing that hill
and one day I may reach the top
one day it might stop
but I
and it may not.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.