Inevitably delayed

Shaman’s up in Shropshire and
Rabbi’s down in Bow,
I wonder where they go
when they go
on holiday.

We hire out these effigies
without apologies
treat them as you will.

I kneel although my knee’s screwed to
a plate inside the bone
and telephone requests to them above
then find that they’re not home.

I think to read the runes
load them up on itunes
and listen
in-car stereo,
still wondering where they go
on holiday.

Buy a life on Ebay
guaranteed for 60 years.

A way which is anyway
if it’s another way
is the way to be,
comfy now?

I knew this was the ‘man-flu’
and there was nothing I could do
except moan a bit
which I did
a lot.

I’ve taken tablets,
wasn’t pleased,

but it was me that

I’m going to bed and
it’s only
half past one

Saturday’s a bust for me
an eight ball sunk for piracy
I think that I would rather be
in Shropshire or in

© 2018, John Smallshaw.