Read instructions carefully before use

slightly above the minimum amount for the maximum benefit,
it’s recommended by those who
recommend things which are recognizable by their generic names
and we all know what they are.

I swallow hard to keep my tonsils
from falling out because I know
that they’ll be taken if I don’t
and don’t say that they won’t,

medical practise can practise elsewhere
I’m keeping my tonsils in there, inside of me.

two grains of high grade will make it all fade away.

I want no trouble
dreams here are tax deductible,

and that’s how they screw you to
the floor and then glue you to
the paper thin walls to
intravenously inject you with
infect you
no one to protect you
because everyone’s

These are
the new ties to bind us
to blind us
to remind us
we’re all somebody’s

© 2018, John Smallshaw.