A little bit of Sunday

Time goes and we
know it’s just the alibi
it needs
as it slowly feeds upon
the passing years
which allays our fears
because we know that
eating is quite natural.

As my spirits rise when
hearing this
the spirits in the bottle
and yes
I’m on the ‘piss’
keeling over
going under

but still,
if and when I wonder
I wonder when and if
or is this me
or is this a parody
of someone who
could be me?
I wonder if even
time goes.

Slowly and deliberately
I grew up and became the me
you see, but in any group of men
do you see me as a man?
if and when or
when and if you can
let me know.

And at times
I think the monkey
that was on my back
had fleas and left me these
and at times that seems a
reasonable explanation
for the cut and thrust of
when I can’t place my trust
in any situation.

I follow my nose
time still goes
the wall
my will,
thy will
be done.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.