A slice of Friday morning

In the aisle for a while

There’s no preferential
here on the Central
it’s dog eat dog

see a seat
want a seat
get a seat.

This is a treat
for me
immersed in the trappings
of some great abnormality
which some call
and in the fast lane too
heading to god knows who
but where is the greater question.

Singled celled organisms?
the origins are to be found
here on the underground
a seething mass of humanity
who like me
sit silently and pray to
Candy Crush or FarmVille
and YouTube is just one more
tube to train your thoughts

Sounds a bit dismal
which are the only sounds
you hear
down here
that and the occasional snort
when some clever clogsworth
gets caught in the door.

Imagining there was no here
down here and only up there
up there
how could I bear it?
I’d manage.

And now I’m
‘ off to see the wizard’
well they all think they’re wizards
don’t they
until they’re turned into a frog
to dog eat dog
I never really left.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.