Hemmorhaging is not a Bavarian hamlet

Once again I find
the morning light breaks through
my eyes and wakes this sleeping mind,

it seems the dreams will have to wait
or shall I not cooperate?

Tschaikovsky Tuesday
is a nutcracker

I try to be PC
but it still breaks my balls.

When I get there
if I get there
I’ll send a postcard
or a telegram

I need no internet
and informative technology
is not the thing
I want to be
or see
when I get there.

Good morning Mendelssohn
’tis not midsummer nor is it night,
dream on.

Suspended on my eyelashes
each moment flashes to
briefly burn

all things cease and here
on the plateau
I find again the stillness
wherein lies the peace.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.