Jagged sparks

You must thinks it’s a game
as I pick up the pieces to start
writing, a shame it is not.

Serious stuff when your mind’s
had enough and the voices won’t stop,
I try to pen out the shout
try to tell them
it’s not always about you,

I let the blues in and lose in
I choose to do these things
and even that isn’t true
millions of people let the blues in
get confused in
the struggle.

If it is a game then why do I hurt?
why do I feel the pain?
why go over it again and again,
such a shame,

and I’m still looking for
‘sandy cove full of peace
with no dogs and no police
the rock and roll of the tortured soul’

I have to take five
to feel alive
and mostly
five is sufficient.

© 2018, John Smallshaw.