all will be well

cross my fingers hope to fly
before my heart stops,
and I
wonder why some birds have
wings but prefer to walk?
nothing to say and yet you talk
must be
something in the water.

If I catch the dawn before it can break
would you take me to your heart or
sit there in the dark

I need automatic tracking because
I’m cracking up and have the need to know
just where it is cracked people go,

as John Wayne said,
‘the hell you are’
in that drawl he had.

excuse that flashback
lost my track there,
where am I now?

You did that on porpoise
said Popeye to
it’s Bluto not Pluto you Dumbo,
said Bluto.

when the cartoons come to life
it’s time to get a life
or at least a stronger

© 2018, John Smallshaw.