Watching as the Moon beams

Thought ascends and up in space from another planet, one more place, more thoughts ascend, someone sitting somewhere out there thinks the same as me.
Thoughts will meet and greet and smash and crash, turn into gas and in turn become the burning bright of one more star that shines in space tonight.

No way are we alone out here upon a little spinning sphere, revolving round a burning Sun, some may think so, not me though.

In another dimension, someone pays more attention, someone thinks a bit more, someone opens the door on a third eye,

I try to imagine an engine in space that powers the whole of the universal race but stop when I get to the ‘out of memory’ stage
perhaps we’re a book and Earth’s just one page in ten billion others,
if we’re all brother and sister, related by thought, caught up in the trail of a never ending sail through space, never in one place long enough to pack enough stuff to saturate our minds with more than enough finds, I’d find that incredible, I’d find that improbable and someone who’s sitting somewhere out there probably thinks the same.

© 2015, John Smallshaw.

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