Ankle socks and bow ties

All we were is what we wore
now and then
way back when

twenty score of memories….. come flooding in,
shiny pin tacked in your hair,
somewhere there.

looking back and in again
silver sun and
shining rain…..
….on the rec’ with
Shirley Stiles, a
million smiles…………..,

never knew a kiss could be, a
part of it..
the memory,
tasting sherbet on her lips
nature trips..and we fell free
such a time and what we wore
more and more and memory.

dreams may come and dreams may go but
memory runs wild and…see..


..all we were and what we wore
things we did and what we saw..

you can’t buy that no matter how you try,
blowing soda pops underneath
the sky,
bubbles everywhere
somewhere there
now and then.

© 2015, John Smallshaw.

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