Static lines

It may be the interference from transmissions lost long past the point of no return or it could be MI6 getting up to all sorts of skullduggery and devious tricks but whatever it could be it is probably affecting you and most certainly affecting me.
The ringing in my ears and my nose being constantly blocked, I know they can do it with phone numbers but with noses?
I am totally shocked.
The look on the face of the cat when I come home from a hard day and tread on the mat which says welcome, it’s that which leads me to think I’m being bugged but the cat thinks I stink.
The peephole allows me to peep on the people who visit and like sheep we have followed the trend of putting peepholes in doors, it’s all round the bend,
if there’s a score to settle let’s settle it now in the old fashioned way, pistols at dawn on the heath and hells teeth
I’ll see there’s no interference
in that.

© 2015, John Smallshaw.