Invitation 1002

I don’t expect good God almighty to take a flight down to see me,
but when the Devil is in me
it might help.

In his stellar capacity as the star that should guide me
I think he’s falling down on the job.

You may say it’s my duty absolutely to furnish my days with goodness and light,
but if that’s right and I’m not saying it’s not what else
has the almighty to do?

I might be new to this game of naming the name I must talk to, but god must know who this man is that I am.

If you anoint me and then disappointment me the door’s always open in the other place
and that’s where’ll I go if you don’t want to show me your face.

So I’ll have breakfast and bide a wee and get comfy and wider see how it goes
a slothful of sloes and the gin flows.

I hope you’ll get on a plane or just materialise
all the same I expect you to be here for lunch.

© 2015, John Smallshaw.