Pearl diving

Why when you’re leading the pack do you want to drop back
is it something about being ahead?
Do you fear the lead is it that which you need,
is it fear that brings you such dread?

For every win do you lose is it failure you choose or
is it the failure that brings you success?
And if the test is to be second best are we
and the rest of the runners at fault?

I muddle my way through this quagmire each day,
to be, not to be, an industry
in the making
and I am but a fledgeling
in the safety of my nest.

Don’t want to go out there
in the thin air
I’m bound to fall
want to do that at all.

they push me and rush me
I complain and they shush me.

If I could fly, if
only I could fly
the sky
would be my oyster bed
I wouldn’t have to be ahead
I would only have to be
an industry
in the making

© 2015, John Smallshaw.