Raising Cain

This is what it’s for
and if it’s war, that of
Megatons if bombing runs are measured that way in the rule of the old school tie Conservative party lie kind of way who I wonder are they in the pay of?

Arms dealers
Life stealers?

Guns for money and isn’t it funny how politicians turn up at these fairs.

I don’t understand how that isn’t classified as underhand dealing.

Stealing away more lives every day and we
suffer for it,
taken to a war for it
what if we didn’t fight?
don’t go to war
didn’t steal lives?

It’s a novel idea that will be filed away by some old dear who works in Whitehall, the same old dame who has shares in her name in an arms manufacturer and lives well on the dividends of a war related annuity.

I’m sure she’ll be
as her stock goes up as the bombs rain down.

Don’t be misled by what you’re being fed,
It’ll be poison one, poison all and on the steps of the Methodist hall someone will read the names of the dead on a scroll of honour which is something else fed to us as a truth.

© 2015, John Smallshaw.