The harvest

The stone against stone that grinds and is blown as grit upon the shore where the sea asks and gives more and the land takes and the grit makes…
..on the beach we teach our children how dangerous the sea is, how deep as if we knew and how do we keep our children safe?
The explorer needs more than a reason to sit and to watch, the explorer needs to do and to be if the sea is a threat is the shore a safe bet?
Stone against stone thrown again at the shore where the grains of sand lay bearing mute testimony to the power of the sea and the explorer in me becomes the accountant and counts, how many grains make a stone against stone, how many souls never made it back home, how many died sinking under the waves and more, how many times do we stand at the shore and teach our children there’s more to this than ice cream and kiss them goodnight?

And each stone wears away and each stone bears away the weight of the silt, does guilt weigh so heavy on the mind?

© 2015, John Smallshaw.