The lonely hearts section

Men seeking men,
when did that happen?
Men seeking Women,
swimming in dangerous waters.
Women seeking men,
again when did that happen?
Women seeking women,
more dangerous swimming.

I refer you to a line in a piece of my poetry,
‘I think the bedroom
should be a forum
for a woman
to show
a little decorum’

Of course
those with dinosaur views
in the end
the dinosaur

Some people wrap themselves up in a book
some in a bottle of wine
some people seek that perfect romance,
but mostly most don’t have the time.

We get dressed up
to get messed up,
can you see a blind date?

‘Rate this now or later’
five words are
the new fornicator.

Everyone is looking for someone
it’s a world full of find or we sweat
everyone wants to be so cool,
but we get hot and then we forget.

It’s absolute insanity
I reach out
into the hotpot of
hoping to find
someone to
their life
out with me.

© 2015, John Smallshaw.