What you looking at?

I am looking at me in the mirror about forty years ago
I know
it can’t be, but it is so
and you think that it’s you?

My sight is beyond and went through you
and tomorrow the mirror that knew you
will eschew you,
do you see me as it was
when I was untangled, a gangly youth?

Tears before they fell,
I become the blue in the pool and only a fool swims there.

Ripples are the lines that befell me and tell me that time is another deal and it’s just waiting to sell me?

My eyes may lie but the mirror knows why and the face that I see is not me but a travesty and a tragedy and what are you looking at?

I am just looking at what used to be before the mirror turned its face on me and sometimes I am back to where I want to be and at other times I am not.

© 2015, John Smallshaw.