What’s on?

Hoodies oh goodie I’m in for a treat,
I shall pull up a chair and put up my feet
the show is about to begin.

In the red corner is dopey, he looks a bit ropey, wouldn’t trust him with a dog on a lead.
And in the blue corner weighing in at some tonnage from Sandwich in Kent,
is bald headed Bob who looks a bit of a knob with his pink leotard trying hard not to be the dick that he is.

Showbiz Sally’s getting really rather pally with my right leg, she’d beg to differ, but something’s getting s… Wait.. Ha, a comb in my pocket and I nearly broke it or ‘Brock it’ as they say up Lancashire way.

St. Paul’s just a stop on the way to the bank and Bob’s just told Frank of his love.
And the crew is cast out at Holborn I doubted they’d stay,
for more entertainment one needs the circle line,
I’m on my way.

© 2015, John Smallshaw.