Error correction

The general concensus being that life’s on a day trip and only seeing the sights.

That’s the opinion afoot, but we’ll put it to bed and think of another, however remote from the truth it may be.

I see opportunity, once for a time it was a part of me, options and actions took it away from me.

I see a dichotomy, not sure what one is, but it frightens me, I’d sooner have more opportunity which is as likely as getting a
pain in the appendix after an appendectomy.

Okay that might be a stretch too tight or just one more sight I might see on the day trip.
‘Slip into something cool’, she said and this old fool did that and fell flat on the frozen bay.
I’m moving my life on into the day gone before me and if that’s not serendipity
I don’t know what is.

© 2016, John Smallshaw.