Men on tubes

The boy with the goggles looked a little bit like Biggles.

On a ride away into a brighter day and I’ll head for the hills to where my favourite hideaway waits.

So this boy who looked like Biggles with his goggles on googles me,
I don’t mind
though I’m
not sure what he’ll find once inside the web.

Haha giggling Biggles takes off his goggles and googles me more and it doesn’t even tickle which is a bit of a bore.

In my hideaway I see all sorts of strange things as if strange things had a part to play in this film of my life.

Today is the day for the breakaway,
the day I become the takeaway and the hideaway will just have to hide away until I visit again probably Wednesday or whenever the weather permits.

And what then of Biggles with goggles he wears like they’re Rayban’s?
I was one of biggest fans and then he went away, I think that he found my hideaway,
I’ll find out the truth on Wednesday
weather permitting
of course.

© 2016, John Smallshaw.