Platform games


It’s only common or garden said someone,
‘ I beg your pardon’
said me.

So easy to be submissive, but if you disagree be like me and tell it like it is.

In the master plan, we are what we am and I am in agreement set solid in my cement won’t brook no disagreement with that.

We all take a stance be it hate or romance, fear, love and loathing, we all wear the clothing we’re comfortable in.

I’m just wasting more time on one of London’s underground lines,
meridians stretch out like Gideons tracts eating away at the distance, the day, in a way this is easy, submissive, but cheesy (ouch) it only hurts when I’m using a brain cell or snoozing.

Try and tell that to the Doctor who’s reading the Dummy’s guide to diagnosis.

It could be,
said me.

© 2016, John Smallshaw.