Echo chambers

I can be,
a composition of me and him and anyone else that found their way in.

Generally speaking, I’m a model citizen that goes about his own business taking no heed of the madness that feeds on street corners or of the dogs that piss up the lampposts and trees, he’s a model citizen too, Airfix I think and stuck together with glue.

We’re all flaming citizens in a country so critical that you can’t pass remarks unless there’s 10 or more likes on your social media page.

Eccentric I should be in this wack community or would be if I could get in.

Madness they say is curable, I find it okay but uninsurable, the risk assessor prides himself on figuring the odds, but won’t take a risk on the outcome.

I’m here now
where everything ends
and being sent around the bend
is just an occupational hazard.
a bit like asbestos
or Paraquat,
It all turns to poison
in the system.

© 2016, John Smallshaw.