Tactical advantage

She weaves herself into me and knits her spell onto me
and mercy me if I don’t go and like it.

I’ve always been a bit clueless
about the ways and the wherewithal of the enchantress,
but unless I’m mistaken she has unchained me and taken my heart.

If this starts as it means to go on and it goes on until the enchantress departs
I think it will do me quite nicely.

In her shadow I see other shadows of the highs and the lows
and the lies she has told me and seen the ice in her eyes
when she’s been cold towards me.

I hold her close to me
wanting to be
closer to her.

It is rare to find a mind so sharp,
so full of dreams and still be keen
and I am crazy keen on her
and she’s got me there
where she wants me
she weaves me.

© 2016, John Smallshaw.