The algorithm maker

Analytic and critical
I reach the conclusion
that what went before me
was chaos in the confusion.

It’s easy for me
to look back on it
and see
the right path to take, but
you make your assumptions
about me
not on the present,
but on the past you can’t see
and never will.

And I analyse to the Nth degree
the ins and the outs in the
workings of me, I see it, but
doubt if you could,
some people cannot see the
trees for the wood and I’m used
to it.

The older I get
the less that I know
and the less that I know
the more I go intro’,
to try and understand why
I survive
while the hostile hand is
raised against me and though
I understand that the hand is mine
I understand less about the time
that it took to shake me awake.

A conundrum
a ho hum
and let’s wait and see.

and analytically
on the cross that I made
hang pitifully
and think on.

© 2016, John Smallshaw.