The dogwatch

Skulls on the skyline
and they’re saying prayers
on the hill,
I’m reading the ‘Rabbi of Lud’,
but good.

The jealousy hook will take them away,
green with envy and many would say
it’s an illness.

The ants are in motion,
spirals and warships make
trace on the ocean
pounding away,
it’s an illness they say.

And Mr’s Muir and the ghost
who loved her the most any
could ever do,
though she may have been dreaming
and never really knew
if her ghost was true or not,
they say it’s an illness that she’s got
and such a shame.

In the moving picture show
at Medicine creek where
I often go to get a dose
of reality,
it comes to me
that it’s all a fantasy and
nothing real was ever there
except for the
skulls on the skyline.

© 2016, John Smallshaw.