Fire engine red skies

I don’t want to go through or out of back into
I just want to stay still.

But there’s always the nagging fishwife thought that you ought to show willing
almost as if I should die by accepting the shilling, the King and his recompense, but I wasn’t willing to do that so I go in and back through and out of and did you see the Stars last night?

I was alone at the end of it for a little bit
I watched the stars shine
like a starling’s eyes.

And the woodpecker brain keeps on hammering again
I don’t
but I do and do you
go through it

Alarms on cars not as bright as the stars
I expected much more than this from
the God given kiss of creation,
did I get what I paid for?
has the fire gone out yet?
do I have to get up now and go?

© 2016, John Smallshaw.